Professor Edris Alam, BSc (Hons), MSc (UK), PhD (UNSW Australia)

Professor and Chairman

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

University of Chittagong, Chittagong-4331, Bangladesh


Professor Dr Edris Alam has been active in disaster and development research since 2000 while conducting his MSc thesis entitled ‘post tropical cyclone disaster management’ in the Department of Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. To enhance his capacity to contribute to disaster risk reduction, he studied a specialized Masters Degree (2006-2007) in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development at the Northumbria University, UK. In November 2014, Professor Alam  received his PhD in Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia. Professor Alam is an honorary Chief Executive of Disaster Action and Development Organisation (DADO). Professor Alam succeeded securing research funding from Governmental Organisations (GOs), NGOs, INGOs and universities in Bangladesh, Australia and United Kingdom. Dr Alam worked as a consultant with NGOs, the Government of Bangladesh, INGOs and UN agencies. He has a significant track record of high quality research outputs by publishing in the science of natural hazards, vulnerability and disaster management. Professor Alam already published twenty research papers in major international journals (e.g. Disasters, Earth-Science Reviews, Natural Hazards, Progress in Disaster Science and International Journal of Climatology). All the journals in which these articles appeared have had a high impact factor ranging from 0.58 to 8.759 (e.g. impact factor of the Earth-Science Reviews is 8.759). In 2018, Professor Alam written and published a book entitled ‘Coping and Adaptation: Coastal Communities with Disasters’. To date, I have a total of 290 citations (Ref: Google Scholar). Findings of his research have been widely used in formulating effective disaster risk reduction and development in Bangladesh. I have attracted slightly over AUS $ 276,296 in research funding and consultancy. Of this, over AUS $ 245, 850 has come from external (to my University) sources.

Over last nineteen years, Professor Alam has been working on climatic hazards, early warning, disaster risk reduction, resilient livelihoods and climate change adaptation. Professor Alam expertise in theoretical and behavioural approaches to disaster risk reduction and sustainable development. Professor Alam gained this by working with local communities, the Government of Bangladesh, NGOs and UN agencies, and delivering teaching and conducting academic research on responses to climate and disaster management. Whilst working as a lead international consultant on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction cluster of the UNDP country program (2017-2020) evaluation in Bangladesh, Professor Alam identified appalling strategic gap in program document development and implementation of agendas on climate change and disaster risk reduction. Advocating for the mainstreaming of environment, climate and disaster risk reduction considerations throughout all sectors is the utmost thrust of his work.